Where and when

Anywhere is sort of the point. The fact that we generally share the characteristic of five fingers on one hand means the interface can be deployed anywhere five fingers generally fit. However, all that is needed for touch-typing is about a dime’s space where one finger (or a tongue) can swipe eight ways. This leaves a lot of open territory for this human-computer interface to be deployed. The Microtxt input method is more flexible than most if not all other methods, meaning the same learned system can be applied almost anywhere. It can provide direct input on remote controls, appliances, VR and gaming, mobile devices and in vehicles, on wearables and IoT devices. If you know how to microtxt, all of these things can be understood and used right out of the box. The magnitude and timing will be determined by the number of companies who understand the value in this technology and license it for their particular purposes. Agreements are available at very low cost for small companies to experiment and see if Microtxt is right for them. Large companies should contact us for royalty based license agreements. Those seeking to modernize their product offerings with this input innovation can contact us through our email at [email protected]