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Our Concept for Decatxt Keyboard

There has to be an easier way to touch type, we think this is it. We have eliminated coordination issues by moving the keys onto our fingers. This reduces the mechanical keyboard from over one hundred keys, down to only ten, one for each finger. Your hands don’t n…

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The Alphabet – Single Presses and Thumb shifts for Decatxt Keyboard

Ask someone to push a button and most often they will extend their right index finger for the task. This is the finger that we use to begin the alphabet. By starting the alphabet on the “7” finger, there are a number of interesting relationships that develop that …

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Let's go over some frequently asked questions about our Input Nomenclature Ten Digit Interface Device concept. "IN10DID"

Why develop a new 10 key keyboard?

Some believe that typing will be a thing of the past when voice recognition is perfected but really some th…

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